Thứ Năm, 14 tháng 11, 2019

Self-sufficient energy recycling of light emitter diode/thermoelectric generator module for its active-cooling application


This paper presents the energy recycling and self-sufficient application of a novel high-power light emitting diode integrating with a thermoelectric generator module. The proposed lighting module in which a thermoelectric generator device is sandwiched between light emitting diode device and heat sink autonomously recycles the waste heat to self-sufficiently support for its active cooling with an electrical fan. The start-up responses of illuminance, temperature, current and power for the proposed module were evaluated through experimental measurement. The corresponding mathematical model was derived and simulation model was built using MATLAB/Simulink for verification. The illuminance, electrical, and thermal performances have a close agreement between experiment and simulation results. The technological viability about both autonomous operation and self-sufficient energy recycling for the novel module with the active cooling was validated. Compared with passive-cooling devices, the proposed module declines the working temperature and improves illuminance simultaneously.


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